To Transylvania and back

Well, we`re back from Sighishoara – the birthplace of the notorious Vlad Dracula.

Le me, driving when suddenly… Boom! A castle appears!

We left Varna, Bulgaria and traveled north, past the Danube, over vast fields, through the Carpathian mountains and into “Heaven”. As soon as we passed the mountains and the city of Brashov, everything changed – the landscape became less industrial and more beautiful and the cities and villages looked like somewhere in Germany . Suddenly we were in a fairy-tale by the Grimm Brothers.  Castles and fortified monasteries emerged all around us. We watched amazed at them thinking about the place we were headed.

We were not prepared!

We entered Sighisoara to find a whole medieval city standing tall and complete. We expected ruins! I cannot find the words to explain how beautiful that place is. Sitting in my room writing this i feel that never happened and it was all in my head. Reality just isn`t the same any more 🙂


4 thoughts on “To Transylvania and back”

  1. Thank you, Vasil, this is quite touchy for us. Also a reliable picture of the town. Really appreciate your honesty and humour. I’m going to circulate it to my friends

    • Vasil: You`re welcome to contact us for any information you need on medieval ages on the Balkans, we`ve been researching this for 7 years now, so feel free to ask 😀

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