The Medieval Cape of Awesomeness

Have you ever wondered what a nobleman’s cape would look like outside the murals and manuscripts?

If so, then this is your chance to check it out, although I must admit that it’s not really authentic. This is an order I made for a dear friend and LARP-er from Bulgaria. She asked me to make it with a hood, otherwise it would surely be without it.

So, what you see is a brown velvet medieval cape with a layer on linen on the inside and a layer of wool between the two. It’s rimmed with wolf pelts and it looks and feels amazing. I tried it myself more than a couple of times and can’t hide that I enjoyed it. I wish its new owner a lot of larping adventures! I hope you like our model and the medieval cape of awesomeness, of course. 🙂

Cheers Vasil Cloakmaster

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