The Commoner’s Shoes

Most shoe depictions on the Balkans are either boots, or low shoes which are commonly worn with wrappings. This type of footwear is usually worn by soldiers and common people. This is understandable considering they couldn’t afford more expensive shoes. Cavalry men, on the other hand, wear mostly boots. So, it is safe to assume that this type of low medieval shoes were most often used by the medieval middle class.

Here are some of the sources I found on this model. They are from present day Serbia and Macedonia. The pictures are from the monasteries of St Andrey church on the river Treske, near Skopie (end 14th cent.); St Nikita in Macedonia; the churches in Pech, Serbia, and so on. There are various examples of this type of shoes, so I haven’t gone through the trouble of finding all of them.

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