Early Medieval Russian Kaftan

We are proud to present to you our latest work. This is an early medieval Russian kaftan. It’s an overcoat made of thick hand-made wool with linen lining and some wonderful decorations.

This type of fashion was widely spread from Byzantium, through the Balkans and north to the Russian kingdoms and even some parts of the Scandinavian kingdoms. So, if you are into reenacting a nobleman from any of these kingdoms during the early middle ages, this type of garment is your best option. This kaftan in particular is decorated with expensive damask silks similar to those woven and sold on the markets in Constantinople. The textiles we used for decoration are comprised of two types of medallions – with lions and with birds.The torso is decorated with rows of small alternating medallions, while the sleeves and lower rims of the Russian kaftan are adorned with gorgeous big medallions. Almost the entire garment is hand sewn and you can see most of the stitch work on the close-up photos. It was a lot of work, but the results are well worth the trouble. This is an excellent example of how an early medieval Russian kaftan should be made and should look like.

Enjoy! ^_^


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