Medieval camp Cherven – Review

It was a great camp and we thoroughly enjoyed it.  The only thing that was kind of annoying was the weather. It’s an ancient reenactor tradition that the weather is bad when we are at a medieval camp

 We set out from sunny Varna and in the middle of the way to Cherven we got into a huge lightning storm. We couldn’t see where we were going, it was foggy, dark and pretty grim, when suddenly my phone rings and a friend calls to tell me his PC was hit by lightning right in front of him. The scary part was, we were just talking about lightnings and the chances of  hitting you inside your home.

Anyway, we reached the soaking medieval camp still alive. The next day the heat and humidity in the air was terrible. We were lucky to be higher than the poor people on the bottom of the canyon. We endured the heats just enough to be hit by another summer lightning storm. This one nearly blew the massive Chigot company tent.

I was holding the main pole and hoping. The options were -1. the pole would snap in my hands and crush me 2. the tent would be blown off the cliff and into the canyon, me included 3. since we are the tallest object on the highest place in a 30 mile radius, I figured we’ll probably get owned by a lightning.

I considered my options wisely and yelled out – the goddess of thunder is a whore. Those were some worthy last words.

Fortunately we survived, but the tent suffered a lot, and that may be it’s last medieval camp. Good bye Big Red, we’re gonna miss you :/

Anyway, here are some pics with funny comments 🙂
PS: Rights on the photos belong to Chigot medieval reenactments, Modvs Vivendi and various reenactors including the Medievalisticals team. Enjoy!

PPS: Here are some samples of the music our bards compose and play

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