Fantasy LARP Costume

Live-action-role-play is a popular hobby among the fans of fantasy movies and novels. It gives you the chance to LARP costume designdelve into a fantasy realm atmosphere where every player acts like a fantasy creature and does not break character. The settings and stories of such events vary greatly, but most commonly they follow the pattern of a classical adventure – a problem occurs, a solution is sought, the problem is dealt with, and the heroes get rewarded, unless they die in the process.

In any case, I am a great fan of LARP, and recently a friend of mine commissioned a nice tunic for his LARP costume. He sent me a drawing of what he wanted, and this is what I managed to come up with. The outfit has padding on the waist and shoulders for a breastplate. Also, the sleeves are detachable from the torso for further comfort.


larp costume larp costume larp costume larp costume


Enjoy 🙂

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