Dwarves at work… and play

Dwarves are the best fantasy race ever – they are the most down to earth and jolly fellows you can find. And with the upcoming “The hobbit” we just had to do

 something dwarvy. In the mean time we were employed at some archaeology digs – and what better place to show your true beard, than ancient ruins.

I would have added beards on Photoshop if I wasn’t too busy procrastinating, but even now the dwarves look good…if You ask me, even better than those in the upcoming movie – we’ve got hoods, and they don’t.
Photographer is Mihail Hristov (mostly)
Not pictured:
A pile of dead orks
A Gandalf
An empty ale barrel


One thought on “Dwarves at work… and play”

  1. Hahaha, what a fantastic pictures! I really like them 🙂 Shame on the (absence of) beards, but even without them it’s still a bunch of funny little men!

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