Baron Saturday, Loa of the Dead

Baron Samedi, Saturday, or Papa Ghede. All of those refer to the same entity – the patron spirit(loa) of the Ghede/Guede family.
InBaron Saturday traditional Vodoun (African voodoo), the Ghede family were considered keepers of the realm of the dead. Baron Saturday is most famous from his appearances in Hollywood movies and computer games. None of these appearances, however, have ever managed to capture the spirit’s true character.

As a LARP enthusiast, I started playing the role of this spirit. Over the past three years my costume changed along with my character. I began as a wandering stranger, poor and ragged. With time, I started to gain power and influence, and my outfit got richer. I added a nice pair of stolen shoes, baggy trousers, a fitted sailor’s tunic, and a better top hat. As you can see, this is not the traditional African voodoo spirit, it’s the Balkan version.

For the last three years playing like the voodoo lord (loa), I have had a lot of adventures. I’ve thwarted interdimensional invasions, fought wars, demon armies, a demon lord, a frost giant, a Serbian werewolf, and so on. Live Action Role Play (LARP) is a great hobby, if you get a chance, give it a try!

Anyway, here are some photos from my first voodoo photo session. Hope you like them! Enjoy!

Here are some older photos from previous LARP events.

The Loa

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