A Pair of Viking Ankle Boots

Ankle boots

Reconstruction of a pair of medieval shoes

About two months ago a friend of mine called from Ireland, and asked for a pair of viking boots. He needed them urgently for a local medieval festival. Needless to say, I rushed to make the boots that he wanted, and managed to send them in time for the event.

Viking boots from the early middle ages have a distinct design. The front is round instead of pointed. Also, the sole reaches up and covers the heel. This pair of ankle boots is made of a leather upper part(2mm) and a thick leather sole (6mm). I also added a slip-sole for more comfort. As a professional reenactor, I think that this type of ankle boots should be worn with thick woolen leggings. It’s more comfortable that way. Besides, the leggings can keep you warm and dry when the weather is bad.


2 thoughts on “A Pair of Viking Ankle Boots”

  1. Hi here Vasil,

    I was curious if you have a pattern of these Viking Ankle Boots.
    Since i wanna try to make them myself 🙂
    Thanks in advance.
    with kind regards.

    • Yes, of course I have a pattern. I don’t have an online version of it, but if you like I can send you a photo of the pattern for references?

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