The Nobleman`s Shoes

Hi guys,
remember when I told you I was working on a special luxurious project? Well here it is – “The nobleman`s shoes” or “the christmas elf shoes” as we call them ๐Ÿ™‚

These are exclusively nobleman`s shoes worn by both men and women from western and central Europe from the 12th to the 14th centuries.ย They`re custom made and one of a kind. The leather sole is 7mm thick, the upper is 1,1-1,2mm and the fabric is 100% pure silk. The edge of the upper is enforced with extra stitching and lining to avoid tearing in the fabric. The design and embroidery pattern are based on extant originals and studies on medieval footwear. For the binding stitch I used waxed linen thread, and for the embroidery and enforcing stitches I used cotton threads. The buttons are made of glass beads. The shoes` size is 40-41 by European size standards (6,5 t0 7,5 British sizes and 7-8 by american standards).

But the best part is they are FOR SALE
Call us if you’re interested.

Futhermore we take orders for custom hand made shoes – any design and decorations you like.


Two Pairs of Medieval Turnshoes

It seems like this particular model of turnshoes was pretty popular in medieval Europe. This type of turnshoes are typical for western Europe, but are not uncommon to the kingdoms on the Balkans as well. We have a couple of frescoes and murals depicting this exact type of shoes. Here you can see two pairs of the same model. The female model has only one leather sole, while the male version has 2 layers of leather soles. Both pairs are made of a sole(5mm thick ) and upper part(2mm). They are hand-sewn with waxed thread.


And here is the male pair:







Medieval Turnshoes

Here are some pairs of turnshoes, generally from the period XII-XIVth centuries.
All are made from leather(of course) and are hand-sewn.