Times and Epochs, we are back!

Vasil V.

Greetings to all our new friends from Russia, France, Ukraine and Israel. If i am missing a country please excuse me. We just got back from a 2000 kilometers journey back from Moscow and it was amazing. This has been the biggest medieval event we have participated in, and when I say “we”, I mean a mixed group of reenactors from Bulgaria.

There were 4 people from Chigot- medieval reenacment group and 3 people from  
Medieval society – Modvs Vivendi.  We reenact mostly Balkan folks from the 12th to the 14th century. Check out our Facebook page too.

The Medievalisticals blog is a place for medieval costumes, clothes and shoes reconstruction. So, here is where we post all of our research and recent projects. We work with reenactors, larp-ers and bulgarian museums. The Medievalisticals crew includes Viktor Ch. medieval tailor and swordfighter, and me, Vasil V. tailor, shoemaker and an all time crash test dummy 😛

We loved the festival and we enjoyed our stay in Russia very much! Thanks for the good times and hope to see you again soon 😉 Love you all :*


A Simple Bulgarian Tunic

This is a simple medieval tunic based on a couple of burial site garments. It is a part of a soldier’s outfit from the time of the Second Bulgarian Tsardom ( XII-th – XIV-th centuries ). There is barely anything unusual to it except he buttons and the neck slit. It’s made of linen, and it’s mostly machine made. It’s a great thing to wear during the summer heatwave on the Balkans. We’ve tested our summer garments plenty of times and have come up with the conclusion that linen is the most suitable material for this type of clothes.

Here are some photos of the tunic, taken during our recent visit to Sigishoara, Romania.

It is to be noted, that the tunic has the following bonuses:

+5 to attractiveness
+3 to look like a boss


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