More Hoods

This nice hood will form the basis of a reconstruction of a French knight from the end of the XIV-th century and the beginning of the XVth.  It is made from thin wool, and is machine stitched.

As the work progresses on the reconstruction we’ll keep you updated on the other elements that we’re involved with.

When it comes to textiles it will include a doublet, a pair of hosen, underwear and eventually a gambeson that will go over the armor. The happy owner(the guy on the photo above) is Tsvetin Apostolov, probably the best armorer in Bulgaria.  We work closely with him on almost everything medieval we do. And drink beer regularly together. Don’t forget to check out his work!

Yet Another Hood

This is another hood we’ve just made. And yet again, like most of the other ones, it is not made mostly for reenactment, but for modern everyday use.
Turns out “dem hoodz” are really cool, and a lot of people enjoy wearing them on a daily basis. Nice, huh? A good medieval hood is comfortable, warm and serves as a scarf and a hat at the same time. It’s usually made of wool. Also, the hood can be lined with linen and decorated in various ways.


Woolen Hood 14-th century


This is a hood made from 100% wool.  Machine sewed, and finished by hand. The dagging is also done by hand. It is based on a series of images, and a few finds, of the late XIV th. century.  It was the first such hood I made, and I have found it very comfortable and useful, even in modern day environment.