XIII-th Century Maciejowski Lantern

This lantern is based on quite a lot of sources, but mostly the Maciejowski bible and a couple of murals from the Balkans.
It’s hand-made from wood, raw leather and metal wire.

Medieval Gloves – XIIth-XIIIth Century.

 So, I got some fine leather lying around and decided to make me some gloves.
I based them on images in the Maciejowski bible mainly.
Turns out the seam I used gives them a bit of a rough look.
I was pleasantly surprised that they keep warmth very good
The pattern is a mix of a historical one, and some tweaks here and there

Material: Fine leather, cotton thread. And they are hand-stitched.

The obligatory pics:

Maciejowski Gambeson – mid XIIIth century.

The maciejowski bible is literally the bible of XIIIth century reconstructions. It has everything.
Here we present a gambeson based on the images there.

This gambeson is a part of an ongoing full reconstruction of a XIIIth century knight/sergeant.

Materials are linen and cotton padding.
It is partly machine stitched and partly hand-stitched.



And the photos: