Uber-tasty mini-mango pies


While some people are busy doing important things with their lives, others cook.  And food is important, trust me on that.
Anyways, these little pies are not medieval, but would be perfect for a fantasy inn… or you know just with coffee… several times a day.

You need:
1 large mango.
 A cup of grated coconut
some cream. 

For the dough:
1 cup of flour
1/2 cup of sugar
a teaspoon of baking soda and two large spoons oil

Mix all the ingredients for the dough, knead a few times and set aside. Peel and core the mango, then cut it into small pieces.

On a large surface spread the dough, using a large glass or a small cup cut circles.  Place each circle in a cupcake form, fill with mango, top with coconut and a spoon of cream. Close. Repeat until you have as many pies as you want. Bake at 200C for 20 minutes or until ready. Praise Medievalisticals and enjoy….


Caramelized Mushrooms Experiment

Today, I’ve decided to experiment in the kitchen. I used some medieval foods, spices and techniques, and this is what came up in the end – a caramelized mushroom rice dish.

First i sliced the mushroom, covered them in honey and fried them. Then fried 2 onions till they got brown, added a cup of rice and 4 cups of water and left it to cook. Meanwhile i chopped some parsley and added some spices to the mix. You can choose your own spices, i decided to make my dish hot, so i added some extra black pepper. Also i dropped something that was unlabeled, because it was handpicked, it smelled like mint. So yeah i added mint to the concoction:) When the water disappeared I added the mushrooms, the parsley and a handful of olives.

The result – a salty-sweet hot dish with a hint of mint. Don`t know if you like it, but I love it, just can`t get enough of those sweet honey mushrooms 🙂