14th century Bulgarian Nobleman’s Tunic

Today we present to you a fabulous late medieval tunic as part of a 14th century Bulgarian nobleman reconstruction.

This is a somewhat universal type of medieval tunic. Garments like that have been worn throughout the Middle Ages all over Europe. This one, however, is based on murals and archaeological finds from Bulgaria and the Balkans.

The tunic model is designed according to 14th century fashion and is based on patterns and tailoring practices as seen in various late medieval clothing examples.

As for the materials, it’s made of fine dark red wool, yellow linen lining and gorgeous Byzantine-style silk. The silk has beautiful woven medallions with griffins, birds and two-headed eagles in traditional Byzantine fashion. We used it to decorate the rims of the garment as well as the neckline, around the biceps on the sleeves and the cuffs. The buttons on the front opening are made of amber, and the ones on the cuffs are yellow agate.

Most of the work on this medieval tunic was made by sewing machine, except for the details and decorations. The silk was hand stitched to the garment as well as the buttons which are reinforced to withstand a lot of wear and tear.

Overall, this is a very fancy medieval tunic made in characteristic Byzantine fashion. Garments like that were widely popular among the courts in all kingdoms on the Balkans, and were a matter of pride and prestige.

To see more of our reconstructions on various garments from different time periods – visit our Medievalisticals page in FB.

Times and Epochs, we are back!

Vasil V.

Greetings to all our new friends from Russia, France, Ukraine and Israel. If i am missing a country please excuse me. We just got back from a 2000 kilometers journey back from Moscow and it was amazing. This has been the biggest medieval event we have participated in, and when I say “we”, I mean a mixed group of reenactors from Bulgaria.

There were 4 people from Chigot- medieval reenacment group and 3 people from  
Medieval society – Modvs Vivendi.  We reenact mostly Balkan folks from the 12th to the 14th century. Check out our Facebook page too.

The Medievalisticals blog is a place for medieval costumes, clothes and shoes reconstruction. So, here is where we post all of our research and recent projects. We work with reenactors, larp-ers and bulgarian museums. The Medievalisticals crew includes Viktor Ch. medieval tailor and swordfighter, and me, Vasil V. tailor, shoemaker and an all time crash test dummy 😛

We loved the festival and we enjoyed our stay in Russia very much! Thanks for the good times and hope to see you again soon 😉 Love you all :*


Nobleman suit up!

This is a reconstruction I made a few years back. It`s a nobleman`s outfit based on a mural from a 14th century bulgarian church in Dolna Kameniza, Serbia. The church is one of the best preserved medieval churches in the area and has beautiful murals.
The costume belongs to one of the men who donated the money for the temple.
My reconstruction is made of velvet and cotton, both available in Bulgaria at that time. I liked this coat because of the strange sleeves and the furry lining on the neck. I used fox fur and silver buttons.
The main reason I chose to recreate this outfit however was the guy`s long hair and beard. 🙂 He`s one of the few men in medieval murals with long and untied hair.

So I made the outfit, grew my hair just a little more and in summer 2010 I even visited the church. And that`s how we do things in Medievalisticals.


Woolen Hood 14-th century


This is a hood made from 100% wool.  Machine sewed, and finished by hand. The dagging is also done by hand. It is based on a series of images, and a few finds, of the late XIV th. century.  It was the first such hood I made, and I have found it very comfortable and useful, even in modern day environment.