Caramelized Mushrooms Experiment

Today, I’ve decided to experiment in the kitchen. I used some medieval foods, spices and techniques, and this is what came up in the end – a caramelized mushroom rice dish.

First i sliced the mushroom, covered them in honey and fried them. Then fried 2 onions till they got brown, added a cup of rice and 4 cups of water and left it to cook. Meanwhile i chopped some parsley and added some spices to the mix. You can choose your own spices, i decided to make my dish hot, so i added some extra black pepper. Also i dropped something that was unlabeled, because it was handpicked, it smelled like mint. So yeah i added mint to the concoction:) When the water disappeared I added the mushrooms, the parsley and a handful of olives.

The result – a salty-sweet hot dish with a hint of mint. Don`t know if you like it, but I love it, just can`t get enough of those sweet honey mushrooms 🙂


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