Medieval knife Round shield

Two Bulgarian Round Shields

These shields are characteristic for the Balkans and byzantine empire in the time of the Second Bulgarian Tsardom – XII-XIVth century.

Material – rawhide, plywood, linen, acrylic paints.

Medieval shoes

Medieval Turnshoes

Here are some pairs of turnshoes, generally from the period XII-XIVth centuries.
All are made from leather(of course) and are hand-sewn.


Medieval bag

Medieval Bag XII-XIVth century

A little purse based on various murals and wallpaintings from the time of the second Bulgarian Tsardom.  Material is wool. And it is entirely hand-stitched.


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Linen tunic

Linen Tunic XII-XIIIth Century

And another tunic. This one is completely hand-made, from 100% linen, with cotton threads.
I based it on a pattern of an Egyptian shirt from the early XIII-th. century(I think)
It turned a bit tighter than I expected, but nonetheless it’s very comfortable, especially during the summer.



Woolen Hood 14-th century


This is a hood made from 100% wool.  Machine sewed, and finished by hand. The dagging is also done by hand. It is based on a series of images, and a few finds, of the late XIV th. century.  It was the first such hood I made, and I have found it very comfortable and useful, even in modern day environment.