14th Century Embroidered Pouch

This little piece of beauty is a 14th century pouch that has been embroidered painstakingly by Svetlozara Doksimova with silk. The basis of this medieval pouch is linen and cotton.

Figurines for Table-top Games and Byzantine Chess

And now for something different – byzantine round chess and some figurines for other games like alquerque, nine men morris and fox and geese.

Playing table-top games was a favorite past-time in the middle ages, when they didn’t have computers, or even widespread books. And no  reconstruction of the medieval life would be complete without a little something to past the time

Material : Clay. The boards for the games are made from plywood.

More photos:


The games are made by Vasil Vasilev and Svetlozara Doksimova.

Yet Another Hood

This is another hood we’ve just made. And yet again, like most of the other ones, it is not made mostly for reenactment, but for modern everyday use.
Turns out “dem hoodz” are really cool, and a lot of people enjoy wearing them on a daily basis. Nice, huh? A good medieval hood is comfortable, warm and serves as a scarf and a hat at the same time. It’s usually made of wool. Also, the hood can be lined with linen and decorated in various ways.


Western European Woolen tunic – XI-XIVth centuries

Turns out, quite a lot of our post recently seem to be based on the ever-present Mac-bible. This one will be no-exception.  As I am working towards a reconstruction of a low-to-mid level knight in the time frame 1150-1250, this is just another element of it.
The tunic is made from 100% wool, machine-stitched and finished by hand.
As one can see from the pictures it really goes well with the red hood, so my next task (after i finish my winter hosen – stay tuned) will be to make an apropriate hood to go with this earlier reconstruction.

It will also serve as a base for my wizard’s personna for larping. How cool is that?
Also sorry for the bad quality of some of the pictures.


Medieval Gloves – XIIth-XIIIth Century.

 So, I got some fine leather lying around and decided to make me some gloves.
I based them on images in the Maciejowski bible mainly.
Turns out the seam I used gives them a bit of a rough look.
I was pleasantly surprised that they keep warmth very good
The pattern is a mix of a historical one, and some tweaks here and there

Material: Fine leather, cotton thread. And they are hand-stitched.

The obligatory pics:

Medieval Buckler – XII-XIV

Here is a buckler from the Second Bulgarian Tsardom.The buckler itself is based on images from the Televangelion of Ivan-Alexander, and the patterns on various murals.

Two Bulgarian Round Shields

These shields are characteristic for the Balkans and byzantine empire in the time of the Second Bulgarian Tsardom – XII-XIVth century.

Material – rawhide, plywood, linen, acrylic paints.

Medieval Turnshoes

Here are some pairs of turnshoes, generally from the period XII-XIVth centuries.
All are made from leather(of course) and are hand-sewn.


Medieval Bag XII-XIVth century

A little purse based on various murals and wallpaintings from the time of the second Bulgarian Tsardom.  Material is wool. And it is entirely hand-stitched.


All the pictures: